Delivery charges vary by distance from zip code 38018 ($5 to $15 dollars).

Hours of Operation:

Inquiries and orders by phone from 8 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Friday, 1 PM to 5 PM, Sundays.

For orders or questions, call, text or email Duncan at (901)653-9785 or

For next day delivery of cream scones and madeleines, orders must be received by 4PM.

Cheesecakes may require as much notice as one week.

To order, call (901)653-9785.

Prices before applicable sales taxes and delivery charges.


$18/dozen (4 dozen or more, $16.20/dozen)

Deluxe Scone Package

$24.45 (5 or more, $22.01/each).


Madeleines (Min. order 2 dozen)

$10/dozen (6 dozen or more, $9/dozen).


Hazelnut-Cocoa Cheesecake




New York Cheesecake